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Therapy Trained Miniature Horses For Sale

A Support Animal Unlike Any Other

At All Star Farm, we pride ourselves on providing therapy trained miniature horses for sale that are guaranteed to meet all of your therapy horse training needs. Our therapy horses are carefully and expertly trained, making them dependable and trusted companions in the practice of horse therapy.

We understand the importance of having therapy horses that you can count on to meet the highest standards in terms of care, handling, and service.

Miniature therapy horses are becoming increasingly popular for providing therapy and emotional support services. While dogs have long been the preferred choice for these purposes, miniature horses are offering an alternative that may be better suited to certain individuals’ needs. Here, we explore why a miniature horse may be a preferable choice when it comes to providing therapy and emotional support:


Miniature horses are very gentle and loving creatures that make excellent therapy animals. Unlike dogs, they remain calm in unfamiliar settings and can adjust to new environments quickly. Their smaller size also makes them ideal for those with limited space or mobility issues, as they require less room than a full-sized horse. Moreover, their docile nature and loyal nature make them an ideal companion for those in need of emotional support.

Very Trainable-

Unlike dogs, miniature horses can also be trained to perform specific tasks that may be beneficial in therapeutic settings. They can be taught to behave in a certain way or follow commands as part of their therapy regimen, this makes them especially useful for individuals who require a more structured therapeutic environment. Additionally, miniature horses can be taught to recognize certain verbal cues that make it easier for the therapist to guide them during therapy sessions.

A Unique Bond-

The bond between a miniature horse and its owner can often be much more profound than with a dog. They are incredibly loyal and loving animals who form strong relationships with their owners, often developing a deep level of trust. This can be incredibly beneficial for those seeking emotional support and comfort from an animal companion.


Overall, miniature therapy horses are becoming increasingly popular as a viable alternative to traditional therapy dogs. They offer many of the same benefits but with the added functionality of being able to undertake specific tasks. With their gentle nature, trustworthiness, and strong bond with their owners, miniature horses are becoming a preferred choice for those seeking emotional support and comfort.

At All Star Farm, we are proud to provide therapy trained miniature horses for sale that have been expertly trained and dependable companions in the practice of horse therapy. When you choose our therapy horses, you can trust that they will give you a calm and comforting presence as they help to encourage people to lead happier and healthier lives.

Contact us today if you're interested in finding out more about the benefits of a miniature therapy horse. We look forward to helping you find your perfect therapy companion!

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