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Therapy Miniature Horses For Sale

#1 Certified Therapy Trained Miniature Horses For Sale!.  Only 22"- 28" tall. Serving East Coast to West Coast! Therapy Trained & Certified for nursing homes, hospitals, schools & more!. Faith, Hope & Love Miniature Horse Therapy & Therapy Miniature Horses

Don't forget to check out our Mares page at & Geldings page at for available horses and if you see a horse on our site not listed for sale, just email us or call for pricing info on that horse. Call or Text 941-548-6464  We have mares and geldings not listed on our site that will be available soon so call, text or email for info.

 If the horse is listed as being certified it will come with a therapy registration certificate that is usable nationwide. Shipping can be arranged for an additional cost, please email for a quote. Due to our extensive waiting list for our horses, we will only hold a horse with a half down non refundable deposit. We do offer short term boarding if you need the horse to stay with us until you are ready. All horses are current on the 5-way vaccine, farrier & worming rotations. All horses are sold "as is" with no guarantees, refunds or warranties of any kind unless specified otherwise.   Vet checks are welcome & lots of references available on request - we even have a Review page on here with over a dozen reviews from happy clients. We have our therapy minis all over the USA, Canada, Hawaii & overseas including England, Russia Costa Rica, Malaysia, Brazil, Greece and many others!  There are inferior copy cats out there but we are the FIRST, the BEST AND we are the most RESPECTED in the industry! Be careful of other farms that feel it is necessary (and unprofessional) to post negativity and false information on the internet - do your research! Our reputation speaks for itself through our huge list of happy clientele and LONG list of positive reviews.  We welcome visitors anytime! So come on out to our farm and see for yourself the amazing well trained minis we love, raise and train! You won't find a team that is more passionate, caring, loving and thoughtful as we are. Everyone is treated like family. Even if you do not buy a mini from us we are here to help you in anyway! We  have the MOST YEARS of  EXPERIENCE  that is why our clients come back to buy more then one from us!.  We are the ONLY therapy farm that provides detailed videos showing our horses that are for sale actually doing therapy work!  Most farms will just do pictures which anyone can do but we go above and beyond and do detailed videos of them working inside a facility like nursing homes so you know the horse you are getting from us is going to truly be TRAINED for therapy!!.   The well being of our horses is first and foremost! so we are very selective on where our horses go! We also believe in quality not quantity and therefore only have a few select horses available for sale at any given time.

 All our horses here are VERY WELL TRAINED to be be handled around wheelchairs, beds and walkers as well as being trained to live inside the house, potty training as well agility training over obstacles & jumps! We also are doing the basic training to be Mobility Service Horses.  We have lots of detailed videos showing our signature training for each horse that is offered for sale.   

All Star Farm is a Registered Trademarked name.  

"Encourage, Lift & Strengthen one another, for the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all"  -- Deborah Day --


               Check out our Review Page - Click the tab on top of the page marked "More"


27" Gray Gelding

Gold Star Therapy Horse

"Blue" is a sweet and tiny 2 yr old 27" gray gelding with big beautiful eyes.  He is very sweet and gentle and is great with kids and adults of all ages. He is also broke to drive.  He loves doing therapy work and will cuddle with everyone he meets. He rides in elevators, rides in the van and walks up and down the ramp with ease. He loves coming in the house and really enjoys being around people. He is good with brushing, bathing, farrier, etc. He gets along great with other horses. We do have videos of him on therapy visits we can share.  He is FOR SALE to a good home.                                  

27" Silver Bay Miniature Mare
Gold Star Therapy Horse


"Babydoll" is just beyond adorable. She is only 27" tall and she got her name as she has a true babydoll personality. She also has impeccable conformation, is petite and ultra refined with a beautiful head and neck. She is definitely show quality. Everyone that sees her says she looks like someone took a full size horse and shrunk into a perfect little package. LOL  She has a sweet and loving disposition and is great with kids and adults of all ages.  She enjoys going on her weekly visits to nursing homes and retirement communities! She rides in elevators and goes up and down the ramp into our van with ease. We have videos of her doing therapy visits we can share. Babydoll is FOR SALE to a good home. 
Black Pinto Miniature Mare
Gold Star Therapy Horse


"Daisy" is a sweet 3 year old 29" black pinto miniature mare with excellent conformation and a pretty little head. She is breeding & show quality. She is brave and smart and isn't phased by anything including riding in elevators. She goes in and out of the van with ease. She LOVES attention and being around people. She will literally follow you around like a dog. She is excellent for the farrier, good with grooming and she LOVES baths in fact she will run up to you in the pasture if you have a hose in your hand and she will stand waiting for you to spray her lol 

Don't forget to check out our mares, Geldings & foals page for available horses and if you see a horse on our site not listed for sale, just email us for pricing info on that horse. We also have horses not listed on our site yet so email for more info!   We have minis to love for every need! For therapy work, trick performances, show circuits, 4-H for kids, Service Horses, Driving or just as a new Family Pet!

We also now have a Marketing Kit available for any horse purchased from our farm! These kits will get you started on marketing your own therapy program with one of our therapy horses! Some of our horses come with a Therapy Vest, Shoes and your choice of color of angel wings for your mini! Because it is always special when you have an angel around you! We also have flower headbands and unicorn horns as well.


ask about our discount prices for Purchasing TWO OR MORE horses. Shipping can be arranged as well.

Don't forget to check out our Mares page at & Geldings page at for available horses and if you see a horse on our site not listed for sale, just email us or call for pricing info on that horse. Call or Text 941-548-6464  We have mares and geldings not listed on our site that will be available soon so call, text or email for info.

You will get the ORIGINAL certificate of therapy registration IN HAND, we do not fax, email or text our certificates! Our registration certificates are legit and very detailed and not only have PICTURES of the horse, but it will have their NAME, BIRTHDATE, COLOR and GENDER as well. There is no such thing as certification for therapy horses only therapy registration.  Any horses sold as being AMHA and/or AMHR registered WILL come with it's AMHA and/or AMHR papers! Meaning you will GET the REAL papers with the horse not a faxed, texted or emailed copy!  Don't forget to check out the Miniature Horse Care section of our website - click the button labeled "More" on the bar above. We pride ourselves in matching up the right horse with the right buyer. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will match you with one of our minis that is perfect for you! We have been breeding tiny therapy minis for 24+ years and there is an art to creating the perfect small horse. You have to have the right combination of conformation, temperament and bloodlines. None of these horses here are dwarves! Our minis are born small because they were bred to be small without sacrificing quality. Sure there are lots of minis out there, but only a small percentage of those are truly bred to be small. In fact there are a quite a few breeders out there who claim to breed small but in reality they are not small! Be careful of anyone claiming that the yearling mini they are selling is not going to grow anymore! Miniature horses grow until 3 years of age and will grow a minimum of 2-3" to whatever their yearling height is regardless if their tail touches the ground or not! There are online height charts that will tell you what a young prospect will mature too!  If you want a "true well bred quality small mini" then you came to the right place as we are the only ones in America that breed and therapy train these true small minis the RIGHT WAY and do it with LOVE! We have been breeding & training small therapy minis for over 24 years! We are a mother/daughter team and we only have one mini therapy farm and it is right here in Florida where we live! Our Main breeding stallion is 26.5" tall and is negative for all dwarf genes. Our small herd of tiny quality mares range from 28-31" in height. Our mini foals stay with their moms until they are 5-6 months of age. Our minis are very loved and receive the very BEST care at our top notch training facility. Our horses are part of the family, so we are very selective on where they go!.  All our clients (and visitors!) are considered part of our family  and we are here for them day or night for whatever questions they have or advice they need!. We have dozens of clients that have purchased horses from us 10, 15, even 20 years ago that we talk to on a regular basis and they still have and LOVE the horses they got from us! We care about our horses! Anyone that has ever met us in person or talked to us on the phone will be able to see the love and passion we have for these little horses. We believe in always being positive and spreading only positive energy.   If you purchase a horse form us, rest assured that we are available to you anytime day or night if you have any question or need help with anything!  Don't forget to check our our review page!

Faith, Hope & Love Miniature Horse Therapy & Therapy Miniature Horses

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