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Our Dwarf Horses


These special little horses are part of our family and therefore we feel they deserve a page dedicated just to them! These

little gems were NOT born on our farm but were adopted by us from individuals that knew what a wonderful, loving and forever home we could provide for them here at All Star Farm! Sorry but our dwarves are NOT for sale!


Our dwarves are NOT FOR SALE


 May 2012, 22.5" Palomino Pinto Dwarf Mare


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We adopted "Butterball" from an elderly couple that lived just down the street from us when she was only a few weeks old along with her dam. Even though she is a dwarf, she has incredibly straight legs, good solid feet and she has never had any health issues. She has clean x-rays showing zero arthritis! She is full of personality and is the official diva around the farm. She loves being a therapy horse! It is definitely her calling!. I think because she is special in her own way, she wants to make everyone else around her feel special too. That is why she is called the little horse with the big heart! She loves going to nursing homes, daycares, schools, hospitals and more! She not only has her own website: but she has a facebook page and even her own coloring book! Butterball has made many appearances at various events over the last 9 years including the Equine Affaire but she was even used in a commercial for Thirty One Gifts! Butterball lives in the Custom Sunroom of our house that we had built especially for her. Can we say spoiled? LOL

Not For Sale


 Born:  April 2020, 23.5" Splash Overo Filly

After the passing of our beloved Miracle in 2020 we started our search for a companion for Butterball as she was so sad without Miracle. As they say some things are meant to be and as fate would have it a friend in Tennessee let us have Ladybug!. We were so excited to be able to add her to the All Star Family. She healed not only our hearts but also Butterball.  She is such a sweet little filly and LOVES being around people so much that she goes out of her way to be with you no matter where you are she wants to be there right with you.

Not For Sale


 Born:  May 2021, 20" Leopard Appaloosa 

"Spanky" is our newest addition. We actually are looking at changing his name to something more fitting to his coloring and have a few names picked out, but we do welcome suggestions too! He came from an Amish family up North and they were looking to rehome him and they knew what a wonderful and loving home we could provide plus how much experience we have with dwarves care and upkeep so of course we were happy to add him to our family. He is one of the most well put together dwarves we have ever seen with straight legs and perfect feet! He is such a lovable little guy and we look forward to watching him grow and one day be a therapy horse.  

Not For Sale


 2015 - 2020

Rest In Peace our Sweet Angel. We will always love you.


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