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Driving Training for Miniature Horses

We have over 24 years experience training miniature horses to drive. We have driven our horses in exhibition shows, parties, events, parades, horse shows as well as just for pleasure driving around the farm and trails. We recently have had a lot of interest in training other people's minis to drive so we are now offering our driving training services for those that want their mini trained to drive. The Mini must be at least 3 years of age and no taller then 34" tall if we use our cart. We will train minis over 34" but you must supply the cart as minis over 34" will require a larger cart.  The mini must have a negative coggins and be current on all vaccinations. The training fee for our driving training is $1850.00 per month and that includes full board (stall, feed, hay, turnout and stall cleaning). If you supply the shavings, hay and grain we do give a discount on the training fee. We have lots of reference pictures and videos of horses we have cart trained including horses we just trained recently.  We give free driving lessons with any horse that is trained by us. 

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