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About Us


We have been breeding these minis for a long time and there is an art to creating the perfect small horse. You have to have the right combination of conformation, temperament and bloodlines. We specifically breed for small minis and take great care in producing not only small, but correct and well tempered minis for anyone. None of the minis born here are dwarves! Just because they are small does not make them a dwarf! Make sure you know the difference between a true small mini and a dwarf! If you do not know the difference, check out our dwarf page to see what a dwarf looks like. The minis that we produce even though they are small still have good conformation and are show quality. No one should ever breed for dwarves! In fact our breeding stallion has been tested as a non dwarf carrier meaning he will NEVER produce a dwarf no matter what! Our minis are born small because they were bred to be small without sacrificing quality. There are lots of minis out there, but only a small percentage of those are truly bred to be tiny. The true tiny ones like we breed for are difficult to come by because it is very hard to breed for small minis which is why there are so rare. If you want a "true well bred quality small mini" then you came to the right place. There are sellers out there that we have been told are trying to claim they are part of our program or are an annex of our farm, we do not have any partners or an annex farm that is part of our program. We are a mother/daughter team and have one farm. We are the one and only. Our horses are part of the family, so we are very selective on where they go!. All our clients are considered part of our family. We have dozens of clients that have purchased horses from us 10, 15, even 20 years ago that we talk to on a regular basis and they still have and LOVE the horses they got from us! We care about our horses! Anyone that has ever met us in person or talked to us on the phone will be able to see the love and passion we have for these little horses. We believe in being positive and spreading only positive energy. Our Main breeding stallion is 26.5" tall and is negative for all dwarf genes. Our small herd of mares range from 28-31" in height. Our mini foals stay with their moms until they are 6 months of age. We will not and do not sell a foal that is under 6 months of age unless the mare needs it weaned sooner in order for her to maintain a healthy safe weight. Our practice for the last 24+ years has ALWAYS been to wean at 6 months. There are lots of breeders that wean at 3 & 4 months of age regardless and we do not support that practice. Our minis are very well loved and receive top notch care.  We are a small breeding farm and only produce a few top quality foals a year, this allows us to spend a lot of one on one time with each of our foals. Even when we are handling our foals at a young age they are NEVER separated from their mothers. We also only believe in the VERY long process of Stress Free Gradual weaning! We believe in only spreading positive energy! Be careful of other farms that post negativity and false information on the internet - Do your research! We welcome visitors! Come to our farm to see our minis!  you will love them as much as we do!. Check out our review page!  


Judy & Danielle are a mother and daughter team that have always had horses in their life. Danielle showed in halter, western pleasure and hunter/jumpers with her Welsh Ponies, Connemaras, Paints, QH's, TB's and Warmbloods for a total of 22+ years and then got involved with raising the magnificent Gypsy Vanners horses for 15 years in which they showcased their mare, The Gypsy Queen, one of the top mares in the country at events and shows. Danielle won many championship awards during her show career while Judy was happy sitting in the stands just being a horse show mom. The duo also did trick training and traveled all around performing in demonstrations and giving educational clinics with their trick horses at equine events such as the Equine Affaire. Their horses were very well known around the world and were consistently asked to perform in commercials and be on TV. In 1997, the duo met the cutest breed of horse they had ever seen....a miniature horse. It was love at first sight and the two began their search for their first miniature horse. After many years of doing hunter/jumpers and trick training full size horses, they were excited to add their first miniature horse. A little 30"  black miniature stallion they called “Blackie”. It didn’t take long for this lovely duo to fall in love with these adorable little horses (as everyone does) and they soon had to have another......Just as is in any fairytale, the rest is history!


Danielle retired from the hunter/jumper world, sold all their big horses and the team focused on showing and raising miniature horses. They spent the first few years showing their miniature horses at A and R shows in halter, showmanship, liberty, pleasure driving and in hand jumping classes in which they took multiple wins at every show they went too. In 2000, the duo decided to expand their program with a few mares and started breeding show quality miniature horses. Shortly after, Judy's mother had to be put in a nursing home and with permission of the nursing home she was in, they took in one of their miniatures to visit her and all the residents. It was a huge hit! Judy & Danielle saw how rewarding it was to see the residents connect with these little horses and an idea was made! To do therapy work with horses! The mother/daughter team now devote most of their time traveling around to nursing homes, hospitals, daycares, schools and fundraisers sharing their love of these little horses and bringing smiles, hope and joy to all those that meet them! The team now breeds strictly for 28" and under show quality miniatures and training them for therapy work and helping others start their own therapy program! For more information on their therapy training program go to:


No farm is ever complete without its mascot. So the team has adopted a few special little dwarf horses that are mascots at the farm who are also certified therapy horses. Their star mascot is "Butterball", a 22" tall palomino pinto dwarf mare. Butterball even has her own coloring book, facebook page called "Butterball, little horse, big heart" and her own website!

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