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"Belle" is a very sweet and very friendly Donkey Jenny. She has only been on a couple therapy visits so she is not finished. She shows promise to be a wonderful therapy donkey with more training as she really enjoyed visiting people and wasn't phased by wheelchairs or walkers and she loved it when people petted her. She is for sale without the completion of her training for $4800.00 obo.  



Prim - nursing home6.jpg
Prim - nursing home4.jpg
"Star Premiere aka Prim"
Spotted Donkey Jenny
Therapy Trained Spotted Mini Donkey
Prim - kiss.jpg
RARE Ivory Donkey Jenny
First Certified Therapy Trained Ivory Mini Donkey


Ivory Visits The Nursing Home 5.jpg
Ivory Visits The Nursing Home 9.jpg
Ivory & Kids.jpg
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