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Here are just a few of our sold therapy horses over the years. We love our horses as they are part of our family so we are selective on what home they go to! We have SO many pictures of our horses posing with their happy new owners that it is impossible to put them ALL on here so pictured below is just a few of them along with REAL reviews from the new owners! These are NOT fake reviews - in fact we can provide as many phone numbers from happy customers as you would like including the ones listed in these reviews below. We have sold our horses all over the world and almost all our clients have become longtime friends of ours!. We care about our Clients and they are always considered to be part of the family! Be careful of negativity and false information found on other websites. Do your research! We only believe in being positive and only believe in spreading positivity! We do not need to post negativity and false information to sell you a horse like other farms. In fact we've had dozens of clients come to us because they said they loved our website because of how positive and helpful we are. They even said they walked away from other websites because of how negative they are!. The world is full of negativity as it is. Smile and be positive! Come to our farm and see for yourself! We welcome visitors anytime!

"Star", "Minnie" & "Romeo" pictured with their new owner in Arizona

star, minnie and Romeo collage.jpg

"We had such a great experience getting our mini horses from All Star Farm! Everything they told us was 100% accurate! I can tell that they really care about these horses and wanted to make sure they go to good homes. We couldn't be more in love with the mini horses we purchased from them. They are healthy, lovable and so sweet! Our little minis have truly become a part of our family. I give them a 10 out of 10 and would recommend getting your minis from them! You won't regret the decision" - Ginger in AZ 

"Simon" and "Apollo" pictured with their new owner in Minnesota

simon and apollo collage.jpg

"From the moment I spoke with Judy & Danielle at All Star Farm, I felt like I was talking to a friend! They were warm, caring and clearly knowledgeable about miniature horses and the industry.  I ended up purchasing two wonderful little horses from them. In the handful of months since bringing my "Littles" home, they have been present when needed and always available to ask questions and learn from their vast experiences. The horses were exactly as advertised and myself as well as everyone who has met them has been impressed with their temperament and training (both therapy and otherwise). I fully intend to purchase more horses from them in the future and 100% recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a mini" - Kayla in MN

"Bambi" pictured with her new family in New Jersey

bambi collage.jpg

"I love this little horse so much I can’t even put words to it! Thank you so much for making her a part of our family. She brings a smile to everyone who meets her (and is actually sort of a celebrity already in our little town!) - Nicole in NJ

"Ice", "Chanel", "Angel", "Daisy", "Cassie" & Wishes pictured at their home in Indiana

Kori's horses.jpg

"Judy and Danielle have become like family to us at Meadow Brook Barn! They have been able to provide us with the "right fit" of animal to our needs. Our therapy serves mostly students in Northern Indiana. Some of our service horses that have come from All Star Farm are Ice, Wishes, Cassie, Chanel, Daisy, and Truffles plus we got two darling babies that were bred by them too - "Angel" & "Charm". Yes, you have read that right...many of our animals come from All Star Farm!" 

- Kori in Indiana

"Handsome" pictured with his new family in Georgia

handsome collage.jpg

"I cannot tell you how much we love Handsome. He is the cutest, funniest and most inquisitive horse I have ever met! We've walked in the neighborhood behind the house several times. He has done well and people LOVE to come pet him" - Elizabeth in GA

"Trinket" pictured with her new family in North Carolina

trinket collage.jpg
trinket new.jpg

"We wanted to let you know how proud we are of our Trinket!. She just passed her first High Country healing test with flying colors! We visited Deerfield Estates and spent a great hour+ visiting with the residents. Trinket was a marvel, cool as a cucumber and sweet as pie with the elders - and not to mention not a poo-poo in sight:)"


"We can’t say enough about Danielle and Judy the loving and incredibly knowledgeable owners of All Star Farm. When we adopted our sweet Trinket they walked us “greenhorn” mini horse owners through the whole process with grace and an unmatched generosity of spirit (and time too!) From the basic maintenance and day to day care of a mini to the unique mechanics of therapy animal work too. And all with a bubbling joy of purpose that was truly inspirational - they’re love of miniature horses always shines through. Our little Trinket is everything we wanted in a therapy horse and more. They really helped match the right mini mare for the right home. - Kathy in NC

Check out Trinket's facebook page at

"Cookie" & "Teddy" pictured at their new home in Rhode Island


"We purchased Cookie & Teddy from All Star Farm almost 3 years ago and the minis we got from them continue to do great with our program in Rhode Island! They probably work 4-5 days a week doing sessions at the farm and have zero issues. They are so well trained!" - Erik in RI

"Pepper Jack" pictured with his new mom in Illinois

Dreamer & Santa.jpg

"I've got to say All Star Farm has some of the most adorable minis and I love looking at their site! We got Pepper Jack from them and he loves hanging out with us in the kitchen and family room, we just LOVE him!"  - Lynn in IL

"Sweetie" & "Magic" at their new home in North Carolina

Sweetie and magic collage.jpg

"They are just the sweetest horses ever! Sweetie loves going for walks and exploring. We just love her! They both love their stall and seem right at home! Thank you again for allowing us to have them as part of our family. We will cherish and spoil them!" - Gayle in NC

"Pono", one of our therapy minis becomes a Service Horse in Hawaii!

pono collage.jpg

"I took him to a preschool party and he was an angel. Just stood like a statue while kids crawled all around him and hugged and kissed and even stuck fingers in his mouth. He was such a good boy! " - Christine in Hawaii

"Scarlet" pictured with her new family in Nevada

scarlet collage.jpg

"Scarlet" is wise beyond her years! Our little 3 year old walks her around and Scarlet is so perfect with her! She is so special.  These minis fill my heart and fill my days. Scarlet is my friend, she listens to my heart and knows how to calm me or reassure me with her sweet eyes and sense of humor! She makes me laugh and I hope I make her laugh too. Angel has the mind and grace of a fine dressage horse and the work ethic of a wamblood, I love these minis so much I can't even put it into words!".- Katie in NV

"Fabio" pictured with his new owner in Pennsylvania 

fabio collage.jpg

"Fabio" has become so popular! We go to different centers on Tuesdays. The folks love him! He is such a good boy! My senior center has even put him in their newsletter and asked us to be the welcome committee ambassadors. Thank you so much for this great little horse!" - Sharee in PA

"Star" pictured with his new owner in California

star collage.jpg

"Helloooo from California. "Little Star" and "Zorro" are still perfect in every way although Little Star is truly the STAR. He is so busy and popular. All Star Farm has the most beautiful horses. Thank you for these two wonderful horses from all of our hearts here in California". - Diane in CA (Little Star Pony Foundation)

"Apollo" pictured with his new owner in Pennsylvania

apollo collage.jpg

"Just wanted to say that Apollo is an AMAZING LITTLE COLT TO SAY THE LEAST!!!!! I have taken him to visit friends quite a bit and found out that he absolutely LOVES the river!!!!!" He is my new Boyfriend for sure! I can't get enough of him!! - Deb in PA

"Odette", Pegasus", "Sparticus" and "Pandora" pictured at their home in California

lani collage.jpg

Lani is a long time Client of ours, in fact she purchased her first mini from us 10 years ago and over the years she has purchased 3 more minis from us!. We talk to Lani on a regular basis and she has become a wonderful long time friend.

"Spirit" pictured at his new home in California

spirit collage.jpg

"We still are obsessed with our little guy that we got from All Star Farm! He’s got such an awesome personality that just keeps getting better and better!" - Amanda in CA

"Casanova" pictured at his new home in California

casanova collage.jpg

"Casanova" has recently been doing therapy with an occupational therapist! He has been very loving with all the children and has settled into our family very nicely. We all adore Casanova!" - Lauren in CA

"Hope" pictured with her new owner in Illinois

hope collage.jpg

"Hope" has been doing nursing homes and is doing well! We took her to the County Fair and she was swarmed by kids and I was so pleased with how well she did with all the kids and people! We love her very much!  - Pat in IL

"Tuxedo" pictured with his new owner in Missouri

tuxedo collage.jpg

"Fancy" posing with Cinderella

Fancy Collage.jpg

"I bought Fancy, a little pinto mare from All Star Farm several years ago.  She’s the sweetest little girl and I just LOVE her!" - Jeannie, BC Canada

"Fancy", "Halo" & "Star" pictured at their home in California

fancy, halo and star.jpg
fancy hug.jpg

Kim is a long time client and friend of ours. She bought "Halo" & "Star", two of our therapy trained minis from us 6 years ago then wanted a third mini to add to her farm so she purchased "Fancy", one of our prized Trick Trained Minis!. She loves them!

"Pegasus" at his new home in Florida which happens to be our neighbor!

Pegasus collage.jpg
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