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Our Therapy Miniature  Stallions

Some of Chico's Foals




"Rocky Creek's Dandys Classic Chico"


              2006, 26.5" Silver Black Homozygous Pinto AMHA Stallion

              (Negative for gray and LWO)    Negative for all dwarf genes


​"Chico" is quite the gem and we are proud to have him here at the farm. He is a grandson of TINKER TOYS HOPE DIAMOND, a 2 time National Champion standing just 27" tall. Chico is also a great grandson of SUMMERS MUCHO MACHO, a National Champion stallion standing just 29" tall as well as being a great grandson of BREWERS ORION CLASSIC, a 2 time National Champion son of ORION LIGHT VANT HUTTENEST. His pedigree also boasts greats like National Champion, PRINCE TENNESSEE MONASHEE and GOFORTH LITTLE BIT, SLIGO SAM & DELS LITTLE MAN, all whom are tiny horses!. Standing at 26.5", Chico is probably one of the most well put together tiniest stallions I have seen in a long time. He literally is a horse in miniature size! Even for as small as he is, he made sure to get all the looks and conformation to go with the small size! His conformation is spot on and he is SO proportionate. He always turns heads when visitors come to the farm. They all say he looks like a shrunken down full size horse. And he really does! Chico has been lab tested homozygous for the tobiano gene so all his foals will be pintos. He also carries red, black & silver and I suspect he carries splash as well as he has produced a lot of blue eyed loud colored foals. He is negative for gray and LWO. Chico is quite the gentleman. He is very sweet and very well mannered for a stallion. He gets along with everyone and is one of our best babysitters! Chico is a proven producer and has MANY tiny show stopping pinto foals on the ground! He also a proven downsizer and all of his foals have stayed under 30" even when bred to bigger mares. All of his babies seem to inherit his wonderful dispostion too! In fact every single one of his foals have gone on to be therapy horses!. He also does not carry any dwarf genes and therefore will never produce a dwarf!

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