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Miniature Horses For Sale

Miniature Horses for Support

At All Star Farm, we are proud to be the number one certified and award winning miniature horse breeders of therapy miniature horses. Our miniature horses for sale have been gladly received in nursing homes, day cares, schools and hospitals across the country.

As miniature horse farm owners, we strive to raise miniature horses that are happy, intuitive and gentle enough to bring a smile to those in need of comfort.

At All Star Farm, we are proud to be the number one certified and award-winning miniature horse breeders. We specialize in raising therapy horses with the best breeding techniques to ensure their physical and emotional well-being throughout all stages of development.

We take great care to ensure our miniature horses are of highest quality and temperament. We adhere to strict protocols that are in line with industry best practices when it comes to horse welfare. This includes providing the horses with a safe environment and plenty of exercise, proper nutrition, appropriate veterinary care and regular grooming.

Our breeding program is designed not only to produce excellent miniature horses but also to nurture their emotional development in order to create the most suitable therapy horses. We believe that our miniature horses should not just be physically sound but also emotionally responsive, attentive and intuitive to those they are around.


We take great pride in our breeding techniques as we strive to create miniature horses that are uniquely suited to their purpose of providing love and comfort. Our horses have been happily received in nursing homes, day cares, schools and hospitals throughout the country. We are proud to be able to make a difference in the lives of so many with our miniature horses!


If you’re looking for a therapy horse that will bring smiles and love to those around them, we invite you to take a look at our selection of miniature horses for sale. We guarantee that our certified and award-winning miniature horses will bring comfort to all those in need.


Let us show you how All Star Farm can provide your small or large organization with reliable therapeutic miniature horses to bring joy into your healthcare environment.

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