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​Welcome to All Star Farm at Heavenly Acres, home to the #1 Certified and Award Winning Therapy Miniature Horses for Nursing Homes, Daycares, Schools & Hospitals! We are a small miniature horse farm in Bradenton, Florida with a wonderful program dedicated to breeding correct, quality sweet natured Therapy Miniature Horses that are 28" and under and training them for therapy work in any kind of establishment such as Nursing Homes, Daycares, Schools, Camps, Hospitals and more!. Most of our personal breeding stock Therapy Miniature Horse Mares & Stallions are AMHA and/or AMHR registered and many have successful show records.  Our Therapy Miniature Horses are all easy to handle, people friendly and are suitable for all ages. They are calm and gentle and are not phased by wheelchairs, beds or walkers. They seem to have natural healing abilities and bring smiles to all those that meet them. We love sharing our gift with others and can help you start your own therapy program with the purchase of one of our Certified Therapy Miniature Horses for sale. Prices generally start at $5500 but once in awhile will have some around $4800.   We have a miniature horse to love for every need! For therapy work, trick performances, show circuits, 4-H for kids, Service Horses, Driving or just as a new Family Pet! We have dozens of clients that have purchased a Therapy Miniature Horse from us 10, 15, even 20 years ago that we talk to on a regular basis and they still have and LOVE the horses they got from us! We care about our horses! Anyone that has ever met us in person or talked to us on the phone will be able to see the love and passion we have for these little horses. We believe in always being positive, thinking positive and spreading only positive energy. Be careful of other farms that post negativity and false information on the internet please do your research! We welcome visitors to come to our farm to see and interact with our Therapy Miniature Horses! We know you will love them as much as we do!. Check out our review page!  

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Video of our horses in the News!

   Our clients are offering Custom Mini Costumes!

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"Beau" one of our  foals born here on the farm having fun with his ball!

Encourage, Lift & Strengthen one another, for the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all! ~ Deborah Day

Faith, Hope & Love Miniature Horse Therapy & Therapy Miniature Horses


"Do what you love and the rest will follow"

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